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Community analytics tool for Web3

Track On-chain and SNS activities across any platform

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Web3 community manager has issues to build a scalable community




Hard to measure community performance

It takes lot of time to make a report for Discord, Twitter, Discourse, Github, and On-chain.

Fragmented communication channel

Web3 community happens everywhere such as Discord, Twitter, Reddit, and Discourse. Community manager needs to manage all channels’ expectations.

No clue to design token ecosystem

Since it’s hard to track all community activities, there are few ways to check if token ecosystem works or not.

Tribeviz connects all community activities for you

📈Check community KPI 
with a simple dashboard

With you can find important information about your community in one place. You can browse the number, trends, and holdings of active users in a community or compare NFT trading volumes between two different communities at a glance.

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💡Prioritize feedback based on user segment

Our automate feedback detection saves your time to organize new ideas. Create your own user segment to find new use cases, product, and community feedback.

🤝Track community activities to design token ecosystem

You can analyze which kind of user contributes most. We provide on-chain data to check token incentive performance. Start from small size of token incentive and iterate it with Tribeviz.

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